Product Range From PT Eka Timur Raya

The advantage of our product is that we produce the mushrooms on the same day as picking or harvesting, to ensure freshness & taste of the mushrooms. Everyone will enjoy the first taste until the last bite.

Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are a product of champignon and portabella mushrooms that are picked directly from the planting site

Pouched Mushrooms

Button mushrooms in a salt solution in a pouch package. its composition is mushrooms, water, salt, vitamin c, and citric acid.

Canned Mushrooms

Canned mushrooms are mushroom products that are processed using healthy food standards that are packaged in cans.

Frozen Mushrooms

We produce frozen mushrooms from the similar day of hand-picked fresh mushrooms to ensure the freshness and best quality product.

Others Develop

non-mushroom products that are frozen with the aim of preserving them with the latest freezing methods. Non-mushrooms frozen products also provide ready-to-consume products.